Faherty Joinery | About Us
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About Us

Faherty Joinery was founded in 1974 by Brendan Faherty. Brendan began his career on site as a teenager working weekends roofing with a local carpenter, when he finished school Brendan began his apprenticeship and shortly after completion began construction on his own workshop. At Faherty joinery we have always dealt in all forms of traditional joinery, stair building, door manufacturing both internal and external and architectural mouldings.


During the 70’s and 80’s a large part of the business was making teak casement windows which were the window of choice during this period. All our teak was kiln dryed at the factory, Faherty Joinery had one of the first kiln dryers in Galway at the time and we also kiln dryed hardwood for some timber suppliers in the area.


During the early to mid 90’s with the growth in the housing market, PVC began to replace timber as the material of choice for windows, there were various reasons for this. During this period Faherty Joinery became an agent for Camden group, a PVC company in Co. Antrim.


By doing so we gave our customers the option of wood or PVC windows unlike the other branches of joinery, such as stairs and doors has seen many changes with advances in glazing technology, security, glazing bar detail, and draught proofing.


At Faherty Joinery we remain committed to combining technology with tradition.